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    "Has it won yet?"


    This thing

    Anyone have a police force that employs this thing? They call it a "tactical platform."

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    I imagine it's so that they can quickly deploy it in places where things like peaceful demonstrations or parades are happening so that they have a good vantage point. I've never seen one that's actually in the form of a vehicle trailer before, but at Notting Hill Carnival they have police stationed in quickly constructed towers (only a few metres high).
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    "Has it won yet?"

    I imagine so. Curious how common these towers were in other places. This one in particular is like permanent resident since the OWS commotion at a park.

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    mobile sniper tower. yup.
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    They put them up in the parking lots of big retail places, malls, etc., around here sometimes, I'm assuming if there's a rash of theft from cars or whatever.

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    I saw one at Bourbon St, New Orleans on New Years Eve 2010. I'm guessing it's probably a near permanent fixture there.

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    Cool! Never seen anything like this... Sitting in one those isn't for people with fears of height I take it. Can't help but notice all the cameras, too.

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    Oh I should say also that very frequently there's no one in them, because "or is there" is effective enough.

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    The police like to pretend sometimes that they can prevent crime, rather than just showing up afterwards.

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    Seen them in big sprawling parking lots during busy shopping days. Also at stuff like outdoor concerts where you have a sprawling field and tons of people.

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    We have so many CCTV cameras in the major cities in the UK that a platform like that is typically superfluous if it's just being used for spotting and co-ordination. We also have the FIT squad who use telephoto lenses to try and get photos of every one they can at a protest (nope, not intimidating or Stasi-like at all!).

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    It looks like a heavily pimped Popemobile.
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    I've never seen one before. My first thought was Half-Life 2.

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