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Thread: Star Wars: An Old Truth

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    Star Wars: An Old Truth

    (For anyone wishing to write this, it's simple. Just pick an option from the previous post to write, then end your post with two or more options for the next person to continue the story!)

    The stars looks down upon the distant, mountainous planet Issassam, down onto the ghost town of Eyesbee, Sitting at an ill-lit table with an even more ill-tempered bounty hunter, a rusted-copper humanoid droid rolls a pair of dice. The bounty hunter grunts in disappointment as they take the credits at the center of the table, leaving nothing for the droid.

    "Well that's a shame," the bounty hunter says. "I was told you're the only droid in the galaxy who can use the Force, but you couldn't even roll for your freedom. And here I thought this would be like how things used to be. I've had my fun, but now it's time I take you in."

    As the bounty hunter reaches to their side for their blaster, the droid decides to...

    1. Dodge and Flee
    2. Stand and Fight
    3. Use the Force...?
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    3. Use the Force...?

    The rusted-copper humanoid droid waves its rusted-copper humanoid hand and says, "I'm not the droid you're looking for."

    The bounty hunter scoffs. "Actually, you're probably right. If you were, that would have actually worked." He pauses. "Or wait, does that mean it actually did work?" He shakes his head. "Never mind, you fit the description, and whether the claims about you are true don't matter - I get paid either way."

    He levels his blaster at the droid, but the droid kicks him in the nuts beneath the table and dashes from his seat as the bounty hunter grunts and the blaster bolt goes wide.

    What does the bounty hunter do?

    1. Shoot at the Droid Again.
    2. Pursue the Droid.
    3. Let Him Go.

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    2. Pursue the droid.

    The droid dashed across the tavern, shoving the other customers behind it. Garan Madak aimed again, but the mass of people between him and droid meant he'd only be wasting his ammo. The Duros sprinted after the droid, his blaster still pointed at the droid for the first chance to cripple it.

    Just as he reached the door of the cantina, it suddenly closed shut and locked itself, seemingly of it's own accord. Garan shot the panel and the door opened, just in time for him to see the droid starting a landspeeder.

    What does he do?

    1. Try stopping the speeder before it drives away by shooting it.
    2. Find another speeder and chase the droid.
    3. Run to the speeder before it starts moving and pull the droid out.

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    2. Find another speeder and chase the droid.

    He hops into the nearest speeder that looks reasonably fast, and curses his luck to find the ignition locked. Using his tried-and-true resort, he shoots the ignition, and the speeder sputters to life. With a vroom he pulls out of the lot and down the street after the droid's speeder.

    Sirens soon sound behind him, as local law enforcement sees either him or the droid speeding, or maybe both.

    1. Ignore the sirens and focus on catching the droid.

    2. Wave your bounty hunter license at the law enforcement.

    3. Stop and explain everything to the law enforcement.

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    1. Ignore the sirens and focus on catching the droid.

    Garan wasn't going to let a few seccers allow his paycheck to escape again. Besides, he could always show his license to them.
    He twisted the handle of the speeder, squeezing every bit of acceleration he could.

    The droid was worried. While it did have access to a pistol, it had only five shots left in it. And it's skills with the force were nowhere near good enough to stop both the bounty hunter and the police at once. It accessed a map of the planet, and reviewed it's choices.

    Getting off the planet would give it the best chance to either terminate or escape the bounty hunter, and the local enforcement were neither well funded or cared enough to chase a droid into space just for property damage. However, it also gave the bounty hunter the best chance to capture or kill it as well.

    He could also set the navigation droid on the speeder to drive on it's own towards a spaceport on a route that went though a forest area, which would give it the chance to jump off the speeder and escape into the jungle. However, the speeder had to keep going at the same speed, so jumping off would guarantee some damage.

    What does the droid do?
    1. Try and fight off the bounty hunter and the police.
    2. Drive to a spaceport, and obtain a ship by any means.
    3. Drive into a forest or mountain road and jump off after setting the droid to drive on it's own towards a location.

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    3. Drive into a forest or mountain road and jump off after setting the droid to drive on it's own towards a location.

    Garan's speeder roared after the droid's as it took a side road and started making for the heavily forested foothills leading toward the mountains on the horizon. He expected such a move, it made sense for the droid to either try to hide or try to get off planet, and it seemed it had made its choice. He activated the slave-rigging link on his spaceship, sending it to the other side of the mountain - one way or another he'd trap the droid.

    The seccer on the speeder bike screaming after Garan's speeder frowned as his quarry refused to even acknowledge him - clearly intent on catching his own quarry. He didn't know whether the speeder in front was a victim or deserving of whatever his pursuer wanted to do to him, but for now it didn't matter - it was his job to enforce law and order, and he was going to do it!

    He knows a shortcut into the mountains, being a local who's lived here all his life.

    1. Take the shortcut and cut both other speeders off.

    2. Comm the nearest sec precinct for support and advise them to use the shortcut so that they catch both speeders in a pincer movement.

    3. Just use the sec-standard blasters on the speeder bike to try and shoot down both speeders, or at least one of them.

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